Engineered Systems

Ignitable or hazardous liquid spill scenarios differ throughout the industry. Safespill offers a spill containment and removal solution for a wide range of spill scenarios.

*Spill rate measured in gallons per minute (gpm)

For IBC storage applications please go to IBC Storage Unit

Medium flow system: 5 gpm. to 125 gpm.

High flow system: 125 gpm. to 800+ gpm.

GPM stands for Gallons per minute, which relates to the flowrate of a spill.

Size and layout designed specifically to the application and client requirements

Typical applications:

  • Tanker truck transfer stations
  • Tote and drum filling stations
  • Loading docks

System description

Both flooring systems allow spilled liquids to be safely removed to an external containment tank through an integrated flushing and suction system. Automatic activation occurs when sensors inside the floor detect liquid.

If spilled flammable liquids are ignited (3-dimensional fire), the floor’s internal flushing system minimizes the overall size of the fire to allow the source to be quickly extinguished by safety personnel. Spill & Fire Test Video


The Medium flow floor’s suction system runs on air operated diaphragm pumps (AOD)

The High flow floor’s suction system runs on electrically driven centrifugal pumps

A typical flooring section is 150-400 square feet. Multiple flooring sections can be mated together to form a larger floor area.

The above video shows a flush manifold disconnected from the floor section. Each drain channel receives a stream to flush out any residual liquids.

Top surface of the floor has specially machined drain holes covered with a stainless-steel wire mesh screen to prevent any debris from entering the profiles.
Ramps can be installed on multiple sides to allow vehicle access.