IBC Storage Unit

For High Flash Point Liquids

Safespill IBC Storage Unit 275 gallon kerosene fire test


  • Eliminates the need to build permanent cutoff rooms
  • Enables high flash point liquids to be stored safely in composite IBCs


Download Data SheetDownload the ISU Datasheet

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

25 ft x 15 ft x 14 ft (7.6m x 4.7m x 4.4m)

System Footprint

400 ft² / 38 m²

Product Storage Capacity

18 – 275 gal IBC’s

Drainage Capacity

630 GPM / 2385 LPM

Floor Load Capacity

200 psi / 1.38MPa

Water Supply Connection

1” pipe connection – Flushing System
3” pipe connection – Deluge Sprinklers

Flushing System Water Demand

80 GPM @ 35 psi / 302.8 LPM @ 2.41 Bar

Sprinkler Water Demand

400 GPM @ 100 psi / 1700 LPM @ 6.9 Bar

Discharge Pumps

8 – 3” air operated diaphragm or 3hp electric centrifugal pumps

1 – 4“ connection

Power Demand

24 Amps @ 480 V / 3 phase


  • The unit is based on Safespill’s High Flow Flooring System
  • Allows 18 IBC’s (275gal) to be stored stacked 3x2x3 (WxDxH)
  • Deluge sprinkler system activated by heat detection
  • Liquid detection for spilled liquid removal, in the case of a spill without a fire
  • The unit is chemically compatible with all hydrocarbons, alcohols and solvents (Nickel plating is offered for aggressive acids and caustics)


Pricing per unit starts at $160,000, including installation. Please contact us for further details. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.


The water supply connection for the deluge sprinkler, floor flushing system, and the discharge piping connection are located at the left rear corner of the unit and can be supplied with a thread, flanged or grooved fitting.


When the IBC Storage Unit detects a fire and the deluge system is activated, a signal should be sent to the facility’s fire alarm system. Depending on the fire alarm system set up, the water supply for the flushing system can be connected to the site’s water supply to prevent the facility’s fire alarm from activating in the case of a spill without a fire in the unit.


The IBC storage unit will need to be connected through piping to an external containment tank. The tank will be used to contain any pumped spilled liquids, and in case of a fire, sprinkler water. Sizing of the external containment tank should be based on the following:

  • Total volume of stored IBC’s (18 X 275gal = 4,950gal)
  • 20 minutes of sprinkler deluge activation and flushing system activation (400gal + 80gal X 20min = 9,600 gal)
  • Total tank capacity should be ≥ 14,550gal

In case the facility does not have this containment capacity, a simple and quick solution could be to use a *frac tank as containment, which provides a capacity of 21,000 gallons. New frac tanks are readily available at approximately $23,000, used frac tanks are approximately $10,000-$15,000.


In case clients are concerned about disposal costs for the contents of the containment tank, a simple water remediation system can be installed to separate water from hydrocarbons to permittable contaminant levels, significantly reducing disposal costs. A typical water remediation system used for hydrocarbon based liquids is approximately $15,000.

A water deluge sprinkler system is activated by heat detectors
The floor is 4” (100mm) high, a 10-degree sloped ramp that allows easy forklift access