IBC Storage Unit


Storing ignitable liquids always has been a problem in the industry. IBC totes cannot be stacked according to NFPA 30 or any FM standards. A fire rated cut off room is required that costs millions to build and is designed to only contain a fire, not control or extinguish it.

Safespill Systems offers a completely new and safe way to store any ignitable liquid in totes or drums.

A unit holds up to 18 totes stacked 3 high and 2 deep
A deluge system is activated by heat or flame detectors
Strategically placed sprinklers ensure that each IBC receives adequate protection
The floor is 4” (100mm) high, a 10-degree sloped ramp that allows easy forklift access
Ceiling clearance for easy loading and unloading of IBCs

Additional features

  • Total footprint: 400 sqft
  • Integrated trench drains, no cutting of concrete needed
  • Floor height: 4” (100mm)
  • Included drain pumps are electrically driven


  • Plug & Play delivery (installs in 4-6 days)
  • Strategic location within a facility reduces forklift traffic and chances of an accidental spill
  • Deluge system can be tied into existing fire water supply of the facility

Fire Tests

The IBC Storage Unit has been thoroughly tested through live fire testing, primarily using gasoline as the ignitable liquid. Scenarios were created by puncturing and exposing totes to fire to create a breach. In any configuration, none of the surrounding IBC’s stored in the unit were damaged and the fire was either extinguished by the water deluge system or controlled to allow a firefighter to put it out with an extinguisher.

Forklift Puncture Spill Test